The 6th World Conference on Production and Operations Management “DSI Awards”受賞記念講演

「Drivers of Supply Chain Adaptability as a Key for Ambidextrous Management」

森田 道也 氏(学習院大学名誉教授)

This study aims to contribute to the operationalization of the concept of ambidextrous management (hereafter, AM) through the alignment of supply chain (SC hereafter) competencies with explorative activities (e.g.: new market creation by new product development and globalization strategy). AM concept has been one of the main focuses in the management field (Brenner and Tushman, 2003; O’Reilly and Tushman, 2004) but it still needs of further research in its implementation aspects. This work argues based on the proposition that one important aspect in this implementation lies in securing SC competencies to meet necessary competitiveness levels (such as quality, cost, and delivery) to gain satisfactory harvest from any new values explored and proposed to markets responding to market changes (the latter is related to the concept of supply chain adaptability (SAC-Ad hereafter) competence (Lee ,2002, 2004)).