The World P&OM Conferences were born in 2000 and take place every four years as a successful joint initiative of POMS (Production and Operations Management Society), EurOMA (European Operations Management Association), and JOMSA (Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association). The first was held in Seville (Spain) in 2000, followed by Cancun (Mexico) in 2004, Tokyo (Japan) in 2008, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2012, and Havana (Cuba) in 2016. The Sixth P&OM World Conference will be held in Nara in August 23-26, 2022 with JOMSA taking the leading role in collaboration with EurOMA, while POMS will be involved on the Steering Committee and DSI (Decision Sciences Institute) and ASCOM (Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management) as a sponsor. The conference provides a global forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas on Operations Management and related areas.


Nara is the naturally preserved, oldest capital city in Japan ( and It is surrounded by the bustling cities of Osaka (about 40 minutes), Kyoto (about 40 minutes) and Nagoya (about 1.5 hours). Tokyo is about 3 hours away by bullet train via Kyoto. The conference venue is located on a unique site in the middle of Nara Park (, which includes the UNESCO World Heritage – Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara ( The site was awarded its World Heritage status for its well preserved 8th Century temples and beautiful natural surroundings full of charming deer. The conference hall is next to the Todaiji Temple, the Kofukuji Temple, and the Kasuga Grand Shrine, all of which are in Nara Park itself.

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