Conference Special Issues

Authors are invited to contribute to the several special issues related to the World P&OM Conference. Specifically at this moment special issues have been agreed with the following Journals :

  • International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM)
  • International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (IJPDLM) (to be confirmed)
  • Operations Management Research (OMR)
  • Journal of Operations Management and Strategy (JOMS)

IJOPM is the official journal of EurOMA, published by Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management research. IJOPM’s mission is to publish leading edge, innovative research that has the potential to significantly advance the field of Operations Management, theoretically and/or practically. Drawing on the experiences of both service and manufacturing industry sectors, in both private and public settings, the journal has become a widely respected resource in a complex and increasingly important field in business management.
Guest editors will invite authors of high quality papers to submit a paper for this special issue. See more at :

IJPDLM, published by Emerald, aims to be the principal home the world comes to for leading edge research bridging strategic areas of business-to-business management, physical distribution, business logistics, marketing channels, and supply chain management with a particular emphasis on developments in omni-channel and multi-channel distribution. The Journal strives to achieve this by providing authors with “best in class” service through timeliness and fairness in the review process, inclusiveness, receptivity to different perspectives, and ultimately impact. Guest editors will invite authors of high quality papers to submit a paper for this special issue. See more at:

OMR is published by Springer, since operations management is an applied discipline, it is the aim of OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT RESEARCH: Advancing Practice through Theory to promote research that advances both the theory and practice of operations management. In addition, there is a growing need for a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original, high-quality research that is shorter and more sharply focused than articles in existing OM journals. OMR also occasionally publishes Academic Notes which are special papers that address issues concerning research methodologies, the direction of the OM field, and other such topics of particular interest to academicians. Each regular paper published in OMR must make a clear contribution to the science and practice of operations management and include discussion of the potential of the research for advancing OM theory as well as its application. Guest editors will invite authors of high quality papers to submit a paper for this special issue. See more at:

JOMS, the official journal of JOMSA, published by Sankeisha, also plans on editing a special issue of the 6th World Conference on Production and Operations Management. The guest editors will review the conference proceedings and invite the corresponding authors of a collection of quality papers presented at the conference to revise and submit the drafts to the special issue. The invitation will be sent after the Conference. The JOMS special issue would feature diversified authors from all over the world, including those members from the organisations jointly organizing or sponsoring the world conference. See more at:

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