The 6th World Conference on Production and Operations Management – P&OM Nara 2020


The World P&OM Conferences were born in 2000 and take place every four years as a successful joint initiative of POMS (Production and Operations Management Society), EurOMA (European Operations Management Association), and JOMSA (Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association). The first one was held in Seville (Spain) in 2000, followed by Cancun (Mexico) in 2004, Tokyo (Japan) in 2008, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2012, and Havana (Cuba) in 2016. The Sixth P&OM World Conference will be held in Nara in November 2020, with JOMSA assuming the leading organizing role, with the collaboration of EurOMA and with POMS participating in the Steering Committee. This Conference will provide a global forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas on Operations Management and related areas.


Nara is the nature-preserved and oldest capital in Japan ( and Nara is surrounded by bustling cities of Osaka (about 40 minutes), Kyoto (about 40 minutes) or Nagoya (about 1.5 hours). Tokyo is about 3 hours far by bullet train through Kyoto. The conference venue is located in a unique site, which is in the middle of Nara Park ( including the UNESCO World Heritage – Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara ( The site was awarded for the well-preserved 8th Century temples and beautiful natural surrounding populated by cute deer. The conference hall is just next to Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, and Kasuga Grand Shrine, all in Nara Park.

Theme and Topics of Interest

The main theme of the conference is “Operations Management and Strategy in the Era of Technological Revolution.” Environmental issues and digital revolution are reshaping the society and industrial world. Governments’ initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 in Germany, Society 5.0 in Japan or Made in China 2025 aim to connect factories worldwide and shorten the lead-time of development, production, and delivery. So-called GAFA is changing business models and value chains across the globe. The increase in share of electric vehicles and renewable energy is changing the basis of electronics, automobile and energy related industries. In this world conference, worldwide OM researchers and practitioners will share their thoughts and research outcomes to address how OM can keep contributing to the society and businesses in this era of technological revolution. This is a unique opportunity to think through how we sustain and contribute with OM. We encourage high quality contributions in the areas of interest that include, but are not limited to:

Behavioral Operations, Cyber Physical Systems, OM in Emerging Economies, Healthcare Operations, High Performance Manufacturing, Humanitarian Operations, Inventory Management, JIT and Lean Operations, Managing Inter-firm Relations/Ecosystem, Knowledge Management and OM, Logistics and Physical Distribution, Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control, Operations and Blockchain, Operations Interface with Finance, Operations Interface with Marketing, Operations Strategy, Performance Management and Measurement, Platform business, Product Development, Reliability and Maintenance, Quality Management, Retail Management, Risk Operations Management and Resilience, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Servitization, Sourcing and Procurement Management, Supplier Relationships, Sustainability Management, OM Teaching and Methodology, Technology Management, Value Chain Strategy.

Well-known OM scholars from all over the world will collaborate participating in the keynote sessions or organizing invited sessions and invited tracks on important topics of our discipline. We are expecting you to join us in this joint effort!

Abstract and Full Paper Submissions

Accepted abstracts can be followed by the submission of full papers, which will be reviewed for inclusion in the conference CD-ROM proceedings (with ISBN) and could be further reviewed for some of the Conference Awards and/or for possible publication in special issues of authorized journals related to POM after the conference. The submission of a full paper is not compulsory for presenting the paper, but is strongly encouraged. Abstracts and full papers must be submitted in English, although it will be possible to present in Spanish in Spanish-speaking sessions.

Those who would like to present a paper at the conference are requested to submit an extended abstract until March 15, 2020. The abstract should include: justification and purpose, methodology, finding and conclusions, contribution to research and practice. A model will be provided at the Conference website. In principle, one person can submit up to three abstracts, irrespective of primary or secondary authorship. All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed on the basis of relevance and significance to POM and originality. At least one author of a paper should register, attend the conference, and present the paper.

Important Dates

Start of Abstract Submission: November 1, 2019
Abstract Submission Due: March 15, 2020
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: April 27, 2020
Full Paper Submission Due: June 16, 2020
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance: August 17, 2020
Early Registration Due: September 1, 2020
Optional Kyoto Tour and Nara Tour will be organized on November 1 and 2, 2020.
Technical Sessions and free attractive social events in Nara: November 3-5, 2020 (e.g. a Gagaku concert (, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) is scheduled in the evening of November 4, 2020 (Noh theater of the conference hall).
Optional Factory Tour and Company Visits in Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto: November 6, 2020.
At least one author for each accepted abstract or full paper must register the conference until September 16, 2020. Otherwise, the paper will be removed from the conference program totally.

Steering Committee (JOMSA, EurOMA and POMS)

Hirofumi Matsuo (JOMSA: Board and Third President), Kobe University – Japan (Chair) 
Jose A. D. Machuca (EurOMA, POMS, and JOMSA), Universidad de Sevilla – Spain (Honorary Ex-Officio Chair)
Michiya Morita (JOMSA: Board and First President), Gakushuin University – Japan
Yoshiki Matsui (JOMSA: Vice President and Fourth President), Open University of Japan and Yokohama National University – Japan
Nigel Caldwell (EurOMA: Events Team Chair), Heriot Watt University – UK
Gerald Reiner (EurOMA: Events Team Member), Vienna University of Economics and Business – Austria
Sushil Gupta (POMS: Executive Director), Florida International University – USA
Nagesh Murthy (POMS: Associate Executive Director for Global Initiatives and Outreach),    University of Oregon – USA

Local Organizing Committee Representatives

Munehiko Itoh (JOMSA: Auditor and Fifth President), Kobe University (Chair)
Kakuro Amasaka (JOMSA: Second President), Aoyama Gakuin University (Co-Chair)
Masaharu Ota (JOMSA: Board and Sixth President), Osaka Gakuin University (Co-Chair)
Prakash J. Singh (Asia-Oceania Regional Contact), University of Melbourne – Australia

Program Committee Chairs

Barbara B. Flynn, Indiana University – USA
Andreas Größler, (Former EurOMA: Events Team Chair), University of Stuttgart – Germany
Hideaki Kitanaka (JOMSA: Immediate Past President), Takushoku University – Japan
Junichi Tomita (JOMSA: Secretariat), Toyo University – Japan

Supporting Organizations

  • Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)
  • Japan Society for Information and Management (JSIM)
  • The Japan Chapter of the System Dynamics Society (JSD)
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
  • Japan Academy of International Business Studies (JAIBS)
  • The Japan Society for Management Information (JASMIN)
  • Reliability Engineering Association of Japan (REAJ)
  • Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA)
  • Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA)

Please send all proposals and inquiries electronically to: